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is pushing the boundaries of

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Solution Engineering

We’re shifting boundaries with additive manufacturing.

Function-based component design is the key to product optimization.

Our expertise is your advantage.


13 years of experience in the field of 3D technologies!

We offer advice on technology and design. We also provide courses and training in layer manufacturing processes.


To produce small batch series of consistently high quality with the laser manufacturing method, you need a completely different approach than with conventional production techniques.

Our know-how makes that difference.


We offer rapid, high-quality contract manufacturing services.

Prototypes and components for all your development needs.

About us

Shorter product lifecycles and increasing product variants are the challenges
facing conventional manufacturing methods today.
If predominantly tool-reliant methods are being used, this can mean
uneconomical unit costs and competitive disadvantages.

FORMRISE sees itself as a “quality leader”.
It all begins with the design of the components
and ends with quality assurance and punctual delivery.
We can assist you in your choice of manufacturing technology,
advise you which design is manufacturable and,
if you wish, take care of its production for you.

Our focus is on you as we form a relationship of trust and an understanding
of your company’s values, making FORMRISE your expert partner
even after production is complete. Why not profit from our network and
our business partners in benchmarking and machine purchasing!

  • Experience

    13 years of practical experience and comprehensive marketing knowledge in this sector! We are the right partner for every aspect of your additive manufacturing needs.

  • 3D goes industry

    We provide consulting services to blue chip companies and can offer you advice on the full scope of industrial applications available to your individual company.

  • Uniformity

    Our benchmark is based on exactly reproducible, dimensionally accurate and highly mechanically robust components.

  • Insourcing

    If we are currently carrying out production for you and you would now like to do it yourself in-house, no problem: We can provide the precise know-how to help you integrate it – and shorten the ramp-up phase.