Design deficits often only come to light in the actual object, not in the 3D drawing.

A major advantage of additive manufacturing is getting easily from design to prototype, as it can be produced straight from the digital 3D data. Consequently, users can quickly conduct close-to-production tests and optimize prototypes on the basis of their results.


FORMRISE delivers the perfect technical prototype part, trade show model or demonstration piece, with all the necessary finishing processes complete.

We offer laser-sintered parts, and also parts manufactured by all other well-established 3D printing methods such as stereolithography, FDM and PoljJet. We have an excellent partnering network, and thanks to the expertise we have built up over many years, we can select the best manufacturing method for you.

If you need a specification-dependent recommendation of which materials to choose, alternative finishings or the final assembly of subassemblies – we have the answer.
We can, if required, also conduct design checks, technical verifications of the components and function tests.

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