Solution Engineering

The complexity of a component no longer has to suit the production process; it has to match the desired function and design of the product. This innovative technology provides the basis for maximum freedom in the design of complex structures – without additional cost drivers.


With our expertise, the benefits of additive manufacturing will become your competitive advantage.

The (almost) exclusive factor with relevance to cost is the total size of the external geometry. Its complexity, on the other hand, is of little importance here. Often, attractive cost advantages can be achieved by the use of less material and with an intelligent design.

We support you at every stage of the product engineering process in the creation of the right design. Our know-how ensures that products are developed in the most cost and materials-effective way. Throughout the process, our thoughts and actions are driven by the idea of function.

Do you already have a design? We would be happy to examine and optimize your part design with regard to its potential and to the special production requirements of the technology.

  • weight reduction
  • reduced assembly dimensions
  • no tooling or set-up costs
  • customized components
  • merging of assemblies
  • bionic structures