Better knowledge means better value.

FORMRISE Consulting caters to every stage of additive manufacturing.

Many of the components that are produced conventionally these days have enormous potential for cost and resource savings. We help you to identify them.

We assist you in choosing the right manufacturing technology and materials for your project.


FORMRISE will show you the potential for added value if you implement additive manufacturing in your company.

Whether you carry out production yourself or outsource it to FORMRISE, our excellent network in the additive manufacturing world and expert knowledge of every technology available means you will be in the safest of hands!

In addition to that, we will help you via courses and training sessions to build up your own expertise in operating the technology to its best.

If, at a later point in time, you decide to transfer the production you outsourced to us to your own premises, we will be your partner in choosing the right system and the necessary equipment. Besides that, we will assist you with knowledge transfer and the training of your employees during the ramp-up phase. By doing so, we will ensure the smooth transition of production to your company.

The content of our tailor-made courses and workshops represents the state-of-the-art in additive manufacturing.

Our services include:

  • special design workshops
  • technology screening
  • design guidelines