The days are long gone when prototypes were the only thing that could be produced quickly and accurately with additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing operates tool-free and is therefore not dependent on specific quantities.

Products can be digitally customized and manufactured profitably regardless of the job size – even as one-offs.

The particular manufacturing requirements of this high-end technology are our speciality.


Laser sintering is a worthwhile manufacturing method not only for the product launch process, but also when forecasts of the number of units to produce are unclear.
When manufacturing spare parts on demand, the costs of expensive moulds or tools and their storage and maintenance no longer apply.
This innovative technology is especially capable of meeting the challenges of special purpose machine engineering. Production factors such as small batch size, high complexity and high cost can all be managed positively by the laser sintering method.
The key to achieving a perfect result is understanding your product and its function and incorporating it in an ideal manufacturing process.

Small alterations to your component can sometimes make significant improvements to its rigidity, contour accuracy and function. Our know-how will provide you with the utmost certainty of always achieving the best result.

Our focus on quality at FORMRISE means that you receive: reproducibility, the best product properties and the greatest possible dimensional accuracy.
We achieve this by using the newest generation of laser sintering systems.

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  • complex components in small series
  • tool-free series production
  • spare parts on demand
  • weight-reduced assemblies
  • function integration